Reliability Engineering SolutionS

Sustaining the future of critical equipment through revolutionary engineering.

Reliability Engineering is central to any operation with critical infrastructure and equipment. Our technical abilities allow us to provide clients with strategic maintenance and condition monitoring solutions to increase equipment availability and utilization for optimal performance. We also conduct third-party consulting on incident investigations, providing recommendations that mitigate future risks.

Asset & Maintenance Planning

Part of our reliability services is the evaluation of maintenance schedules for critical machinery. While adhering to OEM specifications is the best approach to preventative maintenance, historic managerial decisions can impact effective execution thereof. Through detailed gap analyses, we assess existing maintenance philosophies and procedures and suggest targeted changes to ensure optimal equipment performance.

Root Cause Analysis

When it comes to premature equipment failures, the client’s needs are both to identify failure modes accurately, and quickly. The need for accurate identification ensures that future failures can be predicted, and repeat incidents are avoided. The need for quick identification, through quantitative and qualitative data analysis, ensures operation is restored as soon as possible.

Condition Monitoring & Controls

Effective predictive maintenance requires reliable condition monitoring. We assess existing monitoring and control systems, and provide solutions to improve data utilization and increase equipment protection.

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