Sustainability Management Solutions

Sustaining the future through revolutionary engineering.

At Bluedust Engineering Solutions, we are passionate about sustainability.
Not only environmental and resource sustainability, but also, financial and economic sustainability. For us, sustainability is serious; it is an ideal that should be aimed for just as economic growth is.
While we apply sustainable principles in all our fields of expertise, we also have a strong background in operational sustainability, such as energy and water management, as well as waste-stream minimization.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency lies at the heart of many of our projects. When energy efficiency is considered, not only can we perform the standard electrical energy audits, efficiency opportunity identification, implementation and management steps, we can also determine gas- coal- and fuel utilization efficiency. This allows us to provide in-depth, targeted efficiency solutions for the client’s particular energy needs.

Water Efficiency

Water efficiency relates directly to our range of water solutions. However, we can also provide stand-alone water efficiency expertise for clients with concerns over persisting drought conditions, escalating municipal water tariffs or environmental impact. We make use of our extensive monitoring and reporting know-how to ensure clients understand their water needs and how to ensure effective use.

Waste-Stream Optimization

Waste is being recognized as the global risk it should be seen as. The way clients manage their production waste, as well as service-related waste, such as packaging, is becoming critical to ensure sustainable business. We have experience in assessing clients’ on-site waste-streams and identifying interventions to improve recyclability and reduced waste volumes.

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