Water Treatment Solutions

Sustaining the future of water security through revolutionary engineering.

Water treatment is one of our core fields of expertise. Whether for industrial, commercial, waste or potable applications. We boast with a novel, locally engineered, chemical-free treatment solution, as well as the facilities for comparative water quality reporting, water process engineering and pipeline engineering and installation.

Treatment Technology

Our range of chemical-free treatment technologies is based on scientific electrochemical principles and is proudly engineered and manufactured in South Africa. Our suite of treatment technologies provides a compact, modular solution to major issues in water management, such as mineral scaling and biological contamination. These solutions enable our clients to use alternative water sources, thereby allowing for increased reuse of waste-water. We offer turn-key solutions, covering the complete project lifecycle, from design to site establishment and continuous condition monitoring and maintenance, as part of tailored service level agreements.

Water Balancing

Water balances are a critical first step to understanding any challenges related to water reticulation systems or treatment processes. Our team of experts believes that to perform an effective water balance, fundamental engineering principles should be followed, coupled with tailored data collection and analysis.

Process Water Optimization

Beyond performing initial water balances, we are also capable of identifying optimization opportunities that can bring lasting financial and technical benefits to the client. Optimizing process water systems and networks are both a means and an end; it is an ongoing effort to maintain an optimized system, but it is a goal that all systems should aim to achieve.

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